Amor Dei

Amor Dei is a website that aims to explore and propound biblical truth. The topics of interest range from theology, apologetics, social issues, and popular theory. The purpose of the material is not to impose the truth on others in a disrespectful or derogatory way, but to speak the truth in a spirit of love as commanded in Ephesians 4:15.

In this digital age, it has become far too easy to berate others and their beliefs with scathing comments meant to hurt rather than enlighten. I admonish Christians to consider the teaching and life of Jesus Christ before resorting to such tactics when explaining a particular point of view to those of another religion or secular worldview.

To engage people with a spirit of hostility is to miss the point of the Gospel entirely. Jesus asks the question, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Matthew 16:26 NIV). Similarly, what good will it do to win an emotionally charged argument if you forfeit the opportunity to lead someone to Christ?

I also ask that those who oppose the Christian worldview empty themselves of any prejudice or preconceived notions. It has been my experience that many disagreements are a result of ignorance from both those within and outside of the Christian Faith. It is unrealistic to believe that an agreement will be reached on every issue, and for every person. But with care and diligence it will be possible to foster an environment conducive for understanding differing points of view in the pursuit of the truth.

It is in this enterprise that articles will be written and offered to the public for their consideration. Only when mutual respect for one another is achieved can the ground be tilled for constructive dialogue in matters that are important to many people of diverse opinions or convictions.

I am grateful that you have taken the time to read over the various articles and views of this website. And I hope that you leave with a stronger sense of the truth and knowledge of the Christian worldview.

This blog is focused on seeking and sharing biblical truth in a spirit of love. Herein articles are provided that are contemplative in nature and focus on an array of subjects. For more details check out the About page.

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